Jessi Van'kat

FFXIV Gposer & Posemaker

The Sun Heals Me
The Moon Feels Me

Meow there~Nice to meet ya!
Jessica∣ 33y∣ Belgium∣ she/her
Capricorn Sun -Gemini Moon&Rising

Wandering around on Moogle- Chaos


Using my phototaking/editing skills from a previous instagram travelgirl life onto my FFXIV travels

Loves: colors, realistic feeling, casual with sparks of fantasy, sunsets, moonlight, flowers, beautiful backgrounds with fitting outfits

Want to be photographed by me?
Or a Collab?
Slide in my DM/Discord for the conditions

Can do: Close ups and other Selfies, Duo Shots, Couple Shots,
Pretty landscape exploring shots,...

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